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Polycystic Kidney Disease and Natural Healing


Photo from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A friend I have made on the Internet has found that her mother was just diagnosed with this disease.  Since they are in the UK the National Health Service is making her mother wait two weeks until they “decide what to do”.  I have done this research to try to help.  This could be an ongoing story for awhile.


Polycystic Kidney Disease, also known as PKD, is an illness characterized by cysts growing on the kidneys. This disease is known to have heredity as a causal factor. With PKD the kidneys lose their ability to function.

I actually cured myself of a pilonidal cyst without surgery. Pilonidal cysts have a hereditary factor to them as well. When I first got one the doctor told me that I had a congenital tendency to get them. That first time I had it surgically removed. This is a draining cyst that excretes blood and water. If left untreated it will eventually grow cancerous. He told me that I could get another one later in life and if I did it would probably grow back in the same general area.   He was mainly right except that it grew on the other side of my body in my abdominal area on my belt line. This made it very uncomfortable.

When I realized I had another pilonidal cyst I reasoned that since it is something that could turn into a tumor and become cancerous that my body’s immune system would see it as an infection and try to fight it. Since I knew about the power of shiitake mushrooms to boost the immune system I decided to use them. Shiitake mushrooms are culinary mushrooms that are delicious in cooking but are not tasty or easily digestible eaten raw. Shiitake is the Japanese name. In Chinese restaurants they are on the menu as black mushrooms. I had Shiitake mushrooms in my meals four to five times a week for an entire month. The cyst went away. I continued to have shiitake mushrooms three to five times a week in my meals for the next month and the cyst never came back. Since polycystic kidney disease means that there are many cysts in the kidneys surgery would be out of the question except for a kidney transplant. The cysts could however come back. I recommend trying the shiitake mushrooms as well as eating other foods that boost the immune system such as garlic, salmon and tuna. Flax seed oil is very helpful because it is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It is the shiitake mushrooms however that I have to stress if someone really wants to boost the immune system. The fish is important for the vitamin B12. The iodine in the fish is important to help the thyroid gland to produce the hormones for proper metabolism.

Meanwhile in order to improve kidney function there is much that can be done with the right nutrition. Do not use salt because the inability of the kidneys to pass salt will cause fluid build up. Avoid processed sugar. Reduce or avoid animal protein. Animal protein will cause stress to the kidneys. Shiitake mushrooms contain all of the essential amino acids a person needs in their diet which is better for a person in this condition than animal protein. Vegetable sources of protein such as beans, legumes and whole grains are fine. Avoid beet greens, chocolate, eggs, rhubarb, spinach, Swiss chard and caffeinated tea. Avoid dairy products except cultured dairy products such as low-fat yogurt, buttermilk and cottage cheese.

Celery and parsley seeds will improve kidney function and reduce levels of uric acid in the blood. Natural, unsweetened cranberry juice will reduce bacterial build up and heal the bladder. Dandelion root will help the kidneys to excrete waste material. Herbs that help include goldenrod tea, juniper berries, parsley, marshmallow root, nettle, red clover and watermelon seed tea.

It is good to have a diet of mainly raw foods. Include asparagus, bananas, celery, cucumbers, garlic, papaya, potatoes and watercress. Legumes, seeds and soybeans contain the amino acid, arginine, which is good for the kidneys.


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