Building the Immune System Naturally

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A friend of mine I met on the Internet has polycystic kidney disease and I promised I would write more to try and help her.

See the original post: Polycystic Kidney Disease and Natural Healing

In fact I know that the body’s immune system can fight and destroy cysts from my own personal experience. I told her to not give up hope.

As I have mentioned before the famous naturopathic doctor, Dr. Gary Null, on public broadcasting radio has said over and over again that if you give the body half a chance to heal itself it will heal itself.

It goes without saying that everything I have written so far about getting the nutrients from natural foods for healthy cell growth applies. These include all of the nutrients the body needs but I emphasize certain ones because people often suffer from deficiencies of these important cell growth nutrients. These include folic acid (also, known as folate), vitamin B12 and COQ10 enzyme. Of course there are other important nutrients such as vitamin B6 and vitamin E. These two vitamins are plentiful in whole grains. Never underestimate the healing power of brown rice. This grain will not only provide important nutrients including protein, iron and some calcium but it provides fiber to keep the digestive system working properly for the body to be able to assimilate and use nutrients. People can get nutrients such as vitamin B12 in their diet but their bodies may not be able to absorb and use them because of malabsorption.

Pau d’Arco herb tea is very powerful in fighting some of the worst diseases. Doctors in Brazil have been using the herb to treat cancer patients and AIDS patients since the seventies. Efforts to use an active ingredient have been unfruitful because there may be other agents in the herb that work synergistically with the isolated active ingredient.

Healing mushrooms that have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine can help the body to destroy tumors and cysts. This includes cordyseps synensis. Cordyseps synensis has been proven to have kidney healing effects. This mushroom can be found in powdered form in natural food stores and is easily absorbed into a hot, herb tea. Reishi mushrooms enable the cells of the body to produce the chemotherapy chemical, interferon. Reishi mushrooms produce substances that destroy infection without producing them at levels that would be harmful to the body. Reishi mushrooms are a little more difficult to prepare for a tea if used directly from the mushroom itself but it is more potent this way. Shiitake mushrooms and maitake mushrooms are culinary mushrooms that can be prepared with meals. The combination of these mushrooms used together is even more potent in making the immune system powerful enough to fight infections from without or within the body such as with cysts.

Flax seed oil is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic and anti-bacterial. This oil needs to be kept refrigerated to preserve its potency. It is easy to use. Simply add one tablespoon to food before eating. This includes soups and salad dressings.

Keeping warm helps the body to produce white blood cells to fight tumors, cysts and all infections of the body. In fact it is the human body itself that causes a person to have a fever in order to help the body to produce more white blood cells.

All of these are tips to help a person fight off viral and bacterial illnesses, cancer, tumors and cysts.

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1 thought on “Building the Immune System Naturally

  1. co-immunoprecipitate

    It is very lucky to be your friend. I have read all your works related to kidney disease. It is very informative. Especially this one, I do know that immune system is really important for our health. And we should not only protect it, but also improve it.


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