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Recipe: Ultimate Seaweed Salad!

stock-photo-salad-mix-with-avocado-and-cucumber-with-balsamic-dressing-115737661Photo from shutterstock.com


package of fresh, assorted seaweed
1/4 cup organic olive oil
1/8 cup organic brown rice vinegar
4-8 Tbls organic soy sauce (depending on desired saltiness)
2Tbls organic, raw agave nectar
5-7 cloves of grated garlic
1Tbls ground mustard seed
1Tbls paprika
chopped red onion

Put package of fresh, seaweed in a vegetable wash basket or colander within a large bowl and fill with water.  Agitate seaweed with hands, pour out water.  Repeat this process until all of the sea salt is rinsed out of the seaweed.  In a mixing bowl combine grated garlic, olive oil, vinegar, agave nectar and soy sauce.  Add ground mustard seed and paprika.  Add fresh seaweed to bowl of dressing, stir and let marinate.  Break up pieces of your favorite kale (such as Russian kale) and break up pieces of radicchio.  Place kale and radicchio in a bed on each plate for serving.  Top with some marinated seaweed and dressing.  Top again with chopped red onion, avocado slices and chopped tomatoes.  And that’s it!  The ultimate seaweed salad.
Add more soy sauce and vinegar to taste.
6 to 8 servings depending on how huge of a salad you want!

Hint:  Add a few tablespoons of organic, flax seed oil to dressing or a tablespoon over each serving for extra nutrition and healing power.
Hint:  Radicchio is a type of lettuce that is loaded with minerals and vitamins.