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Tobacco and Reproductive Harm: Miscarriages

33-1213042277oc9iPhoto by Anna Langova

Smoking cigarettes causes reproductive harm to men and women all the time. This happens to women even when they are not carrying a child. Tobacco products cause damage to the reproductive system. Smoking causes lowered fertility in men. The macho image of a man who drinks hard liquor and smokes cigarettes as being a good lover is fake. It’s hard to understand why this image has been so prevalent in mainstream movies, television and books.

Smoking cigarettes not only causes premature aging but it may cause more than 100,000 miscarriages a year in America. It’s hard to understand how political Christian conservatives who say they care about the lives of the unborn miss this simple fact. The Christian Coalition and other conservative Christian political groups have been silent about tobacco and the advertising targeted at the youth. This could perhaps be due to political connections with Republican groups who accept contributions from the tobacco industry. For instance in 1993-1994 tobacco companies gave $259, 027 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. There is even an indirect connection to the pro-life movement when this same Republican committee donated $175,000 to the National Right to Life political action committee. In communities where people depend on the tobacco industry for their livelihood even the existence of the churches depends on the tobacco industry. It seems amazing that conservatives and religious groups who claim to be in a war against drugs overlook the very addictive drug that teenagers turn to the most.

An Article About Using a Digital pH Meter to Test Body pH


I wrote this article when I was working as a freelance web content writer.  It is on the website, of ehow.com.

Excerpt: “People use digital pH meters at home to help them choose a proper diet based on their metabolic level for weight loss, health and fitness.”

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