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Non-GMO Labeling Is Fake!

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Amazingly there was an almost great news item on CBS! It was put on by their nutrition reporter. The report discussed organic foods labeling and the new non-GMO labels that are appearing on products in stores. The reporter basically said that the only way to be sure your foods contain no GMOs (genetically modified organism) is to buy food that is officially certified as organic such as with the USDA organic certification. The reporter said that the new non-GMO label only means that foods are completely GMO free if they are a single food. If the food product contains multiple ingredients then the non-GMO label only means that the product may be completely free of GMOs or it is almost completely free of GMOs. In other words there could be a small amount of ingredient that is GMO.

How can this be you may ask? The reason why is that the non-profit that provides this labeling is simply a marketing company to help businesses sell their product to consumers who are concerned about GMO food being bad for their health. There are no laws concerning foods being labeled as non-GMO at all. This organization has developed on its own. It is not the product of any law that has been passed about labeling foods non-GMO. The only laws that protect you in this case are truth in advertising laws and it usually requires a lawsuit to enforce these laws.

Before this new non-profit came into being some manufacturers of packaged food products were already printing on their packages that they were non-GMO. If a product is labeled organic and non-GMO it is a redundancy. Foods that are certified organic are already 100% free of GMOs. Does this non-profit charge companies to have this new non-GMO label on their product? Of course. It is a marketing company helping companies to sell their product in a world in which people are concerned about genetically altered foods.

In fact a company recently was exposed for putting the words, non-GMO, on their packages of tortilla chips without the certification from the new non-GMO labeling organization when their product in fact contained more than 75% GMO corn. This is according to a recent test conducted by Consumer Reports. The brand name of the product is Xochitl.

It is important to note that there are, also, no laws on labeling foods as “natural”.