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On Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007 on the front pages of mainstream newspapers was an article about how the American Heart Association was recommending that women use aspirin daily. Amazingly the article started with a common technique used by skilled propagandists to influence how people think and act which was a scare tactic. The article started by saying that most women are at risk of heart disease and stroke. Then the article recommended that women use aspirin daily. Somehow the idea that women should use aspirin daily hardly seems normal or natural and the article did not even mention anything about doing something about the causes of the problem, only trying to control the symptoms, at least not the part of the article that was on the front page which of course is the only part most people will read. There has to be many, many ways to keep down blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The article did mention that aspirin can upset the stomach and even cause bleeding ulcers and that women under the age of thirty are probably not at risk and shouldn’t do this. Of course the article eventually said that women should consult a doctor before starting to take aspirin everyday.

Of course! If someone follows the money trail of who the major funders are of the American Heart Association one will surely see the real reason for this headline, front page story is the interest of the industrial medical complex. Obviously the American Medical Association is an organization which puts the interests of doctors as business owners ahead of the welfare of the people of this country and I’m sure the American Heart Association gets substantial funding from the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture aspirin whose sales of aspirin have fallen because of the popularity of other over the counter pain remedies such as Advil, Nuprin and Tylenol. Recommending that women go see their doctor before doing anything sure puts money in the doctors’ pockets. What if people just exercised, avoided things that drive up their blood pressure and cholesterol levels and used things that bring down their blood pressure and cholesterol levels naturally such as cold water fish and flax seed oil that has Omega essential fatty acids that help the body to break down fat and cholesterol? What if people avoided red meat and even too much poultry and had more meals without meat with more vegetables, fruit and whole grains. What about using good medicinal herbs such as hawthorne berries in herb tea that is good for regulating blood pressure whether people have low or high blood pressure and is good for regulating the heart beat naturally?

Years ago I read an article in the East West Journal that stated that there was very low instance of heart disease in Japan until western fast food companies came into Japan such as McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Previously the Japanese diet was so healthy because of fish and vegetables.

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Most importantly people should question more what they read and hear and ask why. In this case one should ask what are the alternatives to what the modern medicine industry which includes government public awareness programs and the media are offering. In fact modern medicine is not traditional medicine. Natural healing has existed for thousands of years and has been proven. Much of what modern medicine offers is experimental. In fact modern medicine has always gotten lots of its principles from traditional natural healing and pharmaceutical companies still try to concoct industrialized remedies from natural healing herbs that traditional, natural healers have been using for many generations. Some people try to tell me that aspirin comes from a natural source which is birch tree bark, a natural remedy use by the native Americans. Knowing what I know about the way pharmaceutical companies try to isolate active ingredients and learn to synthesize them I am skeptical that modern aspirin is even close to a natural remedy. Whose monied interests provoked this headline, front page story and why? I’ve known for awhile there are problems in nonprofit which is one of the most taboo subjects apparently. Perhaps this is the first place some of my readers may have heard this subject broached. Just as we did in the sixties I think it’s time we started questioning everything again.


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